Abandoned Railways Get A Second Life As Traveling Farmer’s Markets [Pics]

Abandoned Railways Get A Second Life As Traveling Farmer’s Markets [Pics]

Rehabilitation of Paris' railway networks welcomes more tourism and self-sufficient markets.

Serena Chu
  • 3 february 2014

Trains and railways might be less extensive today than they used to, but they were once the core of urban mesh, especially for densely populated cities. Because these fundamental structures penetrate deep within Paris, architects Amilcar Ferreira and Marcelo Fernandes want to breathe new life into the abandon train lines in the city, converting them into itinerant markets where people can distribute their goods.


“La Petite Ceinture” railway is a proposal that takes inspiration from urban improvement projects like New York’s High Line, a linear city park that is built on a section of the former New York Central Railroad. The goal is to reduce the amount of disturbances markets have on the city, which ranges from parked vans blocking the bicycle paths to garbage overflowing in the streets after events.

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Envisioning a less polluting, self-sufficient market, the project would positively impact Paris and other cities by rebuilding an abandoned infrastructure without disturbing other aspects of urban life or generating waste. There would be onboard workshops and stores, as well as necessary services for visitors to promote business and more interaction between residents and tourists. Such improvements within the city not only serve economical interests, but also environmental ones.

Click through the pictures below to find development plans.

Source: Architizer, Designboom

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