Digital Airport Information Kiosks Help Travelers Explore Their Destination City

Digital Airport Information Kiosks Help Travelers Explore Their Destination City

Instead of the standard displays, the Flight Deck at SFO connects visitors w/ the airport’s amenities through interactive design.

Daniela Walker
  • 3 february 2014

Waiting for flights at airports is equated with boring hours filled with nothing to do. But the newly renovated Terminal 3 at San Francisco International Airport now features a huge, immersive Flight Deck to make waiting for planes, a slightly more exciting experience.


Designed by digital agency, Razorfish’s Emerging Experience Group, the massive digital display allows customers to see real-time flight data as well as interact with information at six touchscreen kiosks, which feature content both about San Francisco and global destinations that the airport serves. Jamie Despres, Senior Art Director at Emerging Experience Group explains on their blog:

Today’s travelers are in a rush. How and why do we make busy passengers take the time to stop and engage? Inspired by the golden age of travel, when it was considered a magical thing and an experience to do so, we wanted to bring back the joy of the travel experience.

The installation serves both as a hub of necessary flight information as well as means to connect visitors to San Francisco, before even entering the city.

Emerging Experiences Group

Source: The Drum

Images: Emerging Experiences

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