The HabitClock app lets people create a list of daily tasks that appear every AM.

Developed by Istanbul-based business development agency Useful, HabitClock is an alarm clock app that helps users set and go about their morning routines.

The app was created with the premise that a good morning routine contributes to one's well-being and overall productivity. Most successful people start their day with a carefully-planned routine. HabitClock was designed to help users stick to a morning routine by turning the process into something fun.

The user chooses habits to create a morning routine and sets the alarm. Habits can be anything from working out or taking a cold shower to eating breakfast or working on one's blog. When the alarm goes off, the app takes the user through the list of habits that he or she has chosen earlier. The user simply marks each task as “done” when he or she completes it and then moves on to the next task.

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