Photo Project Zooms In On The Patterns Of Skyscrapers [Pics]

Photo Project Zooms In On The Patterns Of Skyscrapers [Pics]
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French AD travels around the world to photograph architectural art.

Lara Piras
  • 4 february 2014

Alexandre Jacques is an Art Director based in Paris and his new graphic-design-meets-photography project, Architectural Pattern, focuses on the facades of skyscrapers around the world. From One Liberty Plaza in NYC to the National Library in Paris, the photos show the patterns and lines in the exterior design to the extremes, encouraging the viewer to perceive architecture in a new way.


Jacques explains on his site,

At the boundaries between graphic design and photography, this project invites you to take a new look at chosen facades often considered invasive or degrading. The repetition of horizontal and vertical lines or a single pattern loses the viewer in a world where boundaries disappear. In the middle of such a mass Man no longer seems to exist.

He has recently launched a tumblr for the works and an online store to enable him to carry on this project and explore cities and buildings all over the world.

Images: Architectural Pattern

Sources: Dezeen, Architectural Pattern


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