Analog Clock Writes Out Each Minute As It Passes [Video]

Analog Clock Writes Out Each Minute As It Passes [Video]

The Plotclock uses robotic arms to write out the current time in clear numbers.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 24 february 2014

Over the centuries, the method of telling time has changed, from sundials to clock faces to digital interfaces. The next stage in clock technology could take a step away from the digital and move towards robotics. The Plotclock relies on a small 3D-printed robot to physically write out and erase the current time.

Created by Nuremburg-based Thingiverse user Joo, the Plotclock used an Arduino Uno board, a dry erase marker and a 3D printed parts to first write out the time in military form before erasing it. The process begins once more when another minute passes. The robot clock needs to be connected to something in order to accurately tell the time.

If you’d like to have a Plotclock of your own, all you’ll need is a 3D printer and a few extra supplies — the design for the robotic clock are online for anyone’s use. Just be warned, you may need to buy a large supply of markers.

Sources, Images: Plotclock, The Daily Mail


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