Anti-Bacterial Clothing Could Make Public Transit Germ-Free [Pics]

Anti-Bacterial Clothing Could Make Public Transit Germ-Free [Pics]

Straphanger is the conceptual clothing line that could keep you from getting sick on your daily commute.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 14 february 2014

Public transportation can be a cesspool of germs and diseases, where one sick passenger can infect all those around them. All it can take is a poorly aimed sneeze or someone wiping their nose with their hand to transfer the cold or flu onto others. While there’s no way to eradicate all diseases, Chicago-based consulting firm gravitytank has come up with a line of apparel to keep buses and trains germ-free.

Straphanger, a part of the firm’s Project Transfer campaign, is designed to keep the wearer from catching whatever other commuters may be carrying. The line includes a mask containing an antimicrobial liner to filter air and a jacket with fold-out gloves so the wearer can avoid touching surfaces.


The clothes are also designed to help the wearers keep their illnesses to themselves. The elbow of the jacket has an antimicrobial patch, making it safe to sneeze into it. With it’s sleek detailing and neutral colors, Straphanger is both fashion forward and smartly designed.

The clothing line is currently only in the conceptual phase, but gravitytank is looking to partner with a clothing manufacturer to create the line. Until then, you’ll just have to take your chances when getting on the subway home.

Project Transfer

Sources, Images: The Atlantic Cities, The New York Observer

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