Empatica helps businesses to investigate and prevent tension amongst employees.

Empatica is a “human data analytics” company that wants to do their part to try and help the millions of people across the United States who deal with anxiety and depression on a daily basis. Using their E3 Wristband, it's not only possible to monitor various indicators of stress, but also figure out what activities are in the best interests of your health.

The company works with companies and their employees to identify and eliminate stressors in the workplace, and ultimately prevent mental health problems. Apart from the top-level biometrics, Emaptica's E3 Wristband can also figure out where it is that you experience the most stress. Let's say there is one particular client you always visit that sends your blood pressure through the roof, if your boss is aware of this, he can suggest someone else to take over for the sake of your health.

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