DJ Music Service Takes Away The Need To Personally Select Tracks

DJ Music Service Takes Away The Need To Personally Select Tracks

The new music platform matches songs to listeners’ moods to better predict what you want to hear.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 11 february 2014

Seamlessly merging with the long line of outlandish commercials during this year’s Super Bowl, one spot that may have flown under the radar was Ellen DeGeneres’s fairy tale twist for Beats Music.

A new music streaming service, Beats Music offers up a unique twist to more traditional platforms – it reads your mind to pick the perfect song.

Leveraging technology developed by The Echo Nest, a music intelligence platform that powers other recommendation services and engines such as Spotify and Rdio, Beats Music “reads” users’ minds to match music with certain moods by asking where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with, and how you’re feeling. Simply fill in the blank, and the platform provides music to your ears.

Beats Music Sentence

The goal of Beats Music is the make the listening experience “zero UI,” which essentially means it will be able to adapt itself for different audiences by taking away selection-intensive aspects that require you to manually adjust tracks. It will make discovering new music, artists, and the perfect song for your mood completely mindless.

Paul Lamere, director of The Echo Nest, described the idea in an interview with Fast Co. Design:

When you get in your car, it automatically starts playing NPR. When you come home, it knows if your wife is home. If she is, it plays jazz on the stereo, and if not, it puts on death metal.

Beats Music Experience

According to Lamere, the “ideal music player has zero buttons” – people don’t want to think about listening to music past hitting an initial button. This makes sense, especially when you consider many people use music for an escape. As futuristic as the idea may seem at first glance, with Beats Music the current possibilities are endless.

If you look where the music industry is going, music in the future will be played almost entirely on people’s phones. And your phone knows a lot about you, which is data we can use to predict the music you like.

Moving forward, The Echo Nest has plans to use social media posts, such as Twitter and Facebook updates, to better predict your mood and listening preferences.

If you missed it, check out the Beats Music Super Bowl commercial. Does it make you want to bust a move, or are you worried about a program reading your mind?

Sources: Fast Co. Design, Refinery 29

Images: Beats Music

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