Retro Arcade Machine Hacked To Only Accept Bitcoins [Video]

Retro Arcade Machine Hacked To Only Accept Bitcoins [Video]
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Virtual money offers a new way to purchase credits on arcade machines for continuous gaming.

Serena Chu
  • 3 february 2014

The world of Bitcoin in all its glory has been closely associated with digital payments in exchange for merchandise, but now the virtual money extends its purchasing power to coin-operated arcade machines. Liberty Games developed a retrofit method that lets gamers purchase credits without any coins, a promising outlook for people are constantly on the hunt for change-giving machines.

Though the system is not written into the arcade software, new tweaks make purchasing multiple credits in a single transaction possible. Other bonus features include advanced reporting capabilities and a back-end management system that helps players set up credit release confirmations. The framers specifically enabled the system to be compatible with any coin-operated arcade machine.

Below is a video showing how the whole process works, check it out.

Liberty Game

Source: Liberty GameArcadeheroes

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