Startup Plans To Grow Artisanal Salami From Celeb DNA

Startup Plans To Grow Artisanal Salami From Celeb DNA

BiteLabs plans to grow meat from tissue samples from famous stars.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 february 2014

Want to get close to your favorite celebrities? Well, how about having them – a part of them, rather – for dinner? A project called BiteLabs wants to make it happen for you.

According to its website, BiteLabs plans to grow meat from tissue samples taken from celebrities and use it to make artisanal charcuterie in the “tradition of Italian cured meats.”

BiteLabs’s meat is a mix of celebrity and animal meat, grown in-house “through a proprietary culturing process, into curated salami blends.” The website even has quick rundown of celebrities who might make good salami – James Franco, Jennifer Lawrence, Kanye West, and Ellen DeGeneres.


The creators of BiteLabs are mum about the real deal about their project and are not disclosing the identities of their members, but seem to be pretty serious about getting word about their company out there. The team is using Thunderclap to promote the project and is encouraging people to tweet at their favorite celebrities and try to get them on board.

It’s still unclear whether this is a real project, a satire or an elaborate marketing campaign, but it’s certainly raising a lot of questions about ethical meat production, the sustainability of producing meat, as well as the idea of eating lab-grown meat – three key concepts that the company wants to create discussions about.

In an email to Motherboard, Kevin, a member of the BiteLabs team, said the company is “100 percent serious in prompting widespread discussion about bioethics, lab-grown meats, and celebrity culture.”


Source: Motherboard


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