Bombing Survivors’ App Shows The Power Of Social Media During War

Bombing Survivors’ App Shows The Power Of Social Media During War

I Am Alive gives families peace of mind in the wake of bombings and natural disasters.

Ross Brooks
  • 4 february 2014

In countries where bombings often occur, there is always the worry that one of your loved ones was involved in the most recent blast. To give people an easier way to get peace of mind, Sandra Hassan, a Lebanese-born graduate student studying public health in Paris, developed the app, “I Am Alive,” which lets users get the message out quickly.

In an interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin, Hassan explained her motivation for creating the app:

“It was maybe a little bit frustrating that, we in Lebanon at least, that we’re living in a situation that makes such an application necessary or useful,” she said. “My way to express that frustration was to publish this app … kind of as a statement against what was happening, a statement of discontent if you will.”


At times when mobile phone networks get flooded with calls from concerned relatives, the internet provides a better alternative to make sure your message gets through. With one click, you can instantly tweet the message: “I am still alive! #Lebanon #LatestBombing.” While it’s only compatible with Twitter so far, Hassan has plans to add Facebook functionality, and maybe even an instant messaging aspect.

Beyond the bombing applications, the app could also prove useful when other disasters strike around the world, including earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters. Regardless of the circumstances, you would have a stable way to get instant feedback from your nearest and dearest.

Source: NPR

Images: I Am AliveFlickr

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