On-Demand Service Delivers Booze To Customers’ Doorsteps

On-Demand Service Delivers Booze To Customers’ Doorsteps

Drizly can keep the party going when you run out of alcohol in New York City.

Ross Brooks
  • 5 february 2014

It’s already easy to get every kind of food imaginable delivered straight to your door, but what if you want a tasty alcoholic beverage to go along with your meal? Hopefully you will soon be able to turn to Boston-based startup Drizly, which just launched its service in New York City.

Conceived by three college friends in 2011, the app gives thirsty shoppers a digital way to order beer, wine or liquor from a store near them. The company has already partnered with 26 liquor and wine stores in the city, and confidence in the service seems high,  if $2.25 million of seed capital from various investment firms and angel investors is anything to go by.


Drizly uses a business model that means they don’t take a portion of the orders, instead they charge the liquor and wine stores a monthly fee to use their order fulfillment software along with their iPads and iPhones. They also provide delivery drivers with technology to scan IDs as a way to cut down on underage buyers getting their hands on alcohol. Because fake IDs can fool some scanners, the app will eventually require customers to upload images of their ID to the app before an order is placed.


The app has been successful so far, but they could see a big boost from a deal just signed with Pernod Ricard USA, a liquor manufacturer who has been experimenting with ideas of their own. The deal would involve Pernod Ricard advertising its brands on the Drizly app, as well as promoting it to its customers as a preferred partner in other marketing initiatives.

Next time you run out of alcohol at a party, or don’t have the energy to make the trip to the nearest convenience store, it might be time to head over to the app store and check out Drizly.


Source: Recode

Images: Erica SwallowDrizly



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