App Analyzes Selfies To Provide The Perfect Bra Fit

App Analyzes Selfies To Provide The Perfect Bra Fit

ThirdLove patents computer vision technology for determining a user's size through their smartphone.

Victoria Young
  • 21 february 2014

By empowering women to find the bras that best fit them from the comfort of their own home, ThirdLove is revolutionizing the e-Commerce industry by making product design, production, and retail significantly more efficient for producers and simple for consumers. Quick and impressively accurate, the ThirdLove mobile app uses advanced image recognition technology that uses computer vision and image recognition algorithms to understand womens’ body size in relation to the photos taken from their smartphones.

What really excites me is leveraging new technology and putting it in the hands of the consumer. We can use this data to build better products and improve the personalized shopping experience. We have a level of data that no company has. We understand what does or doesn’t work for certain body types and use it directly in our design process, which is why it’s so important that we are a vertically integrated brand.


Current competitors in the space are enterprise solutions that require 3D body scams or utilize 3D cameras such as the Kinect, or simply do not have the actual technology to scientifically provide accurate measurements. ThirdLove has developed computer vision technology that no one else has with a direct to consumer model that focuses on high quality.


Founded through parent company, MeCommerce, ThirdLove envisions a far more sophisticated and evolved e-Commerce experience in the future through this patented technology by allowing everyone to have a personal shopper through their mobile device. ThirdLove is leading the restructuring of online shopping to reduce return rates and create a much more personalized experience by integrating a core technology that produces accurate data on customer measurements with vertically integrated manufacturing. This allows ThirdLove to control the quality in their luxury goods production while continually optimizing their product development process based on the valuable data they are gathering.

Most e-Commerce websites don’t know who you are. ThirdLove is completely personalized: we only show you models that are your size. We would never show you product that doesn’t fit your body.

Marc Olivier Le Blanc photography, Pictures by San Francisco Photographer, advertising and editorial.

The technology that ThirdLove has developed can be extended to many other clothing categories in the future, and the data that can be collected on sizing will be exceptionally powerful when paired with direct-to-consumer product design and development. Focusing on creating an experience that is better than what a customer can get in store and online through this mobile fitting technology, ThirdLove believe that mobile will soon be everyone’s personal shopper.



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