Platform Calculates People’s Charitable Presence On The Web

Platform Calculates People’s Charitable Presence On The Web

Ever wondered what your ‘Giving Footprint’ is? A new project is encouraging consumers to find out.

Lara Piras
  • 18 february 2014

Everydayhero launched in 2007, making it one of the first companies to tap into the ‘onling giving’ trend. Since then, the Australian site has extended its offering to peer-to-peer fundraising and branded fundraising pages for charities. The site, which originally focused on Australia, New Zealand and the UK is now coming in the U.S., in addition to the launch of an exciting new project.

‘Giving Footprint’ is a brilliant new service that quantifies people’s giving behavior online. It goes beyond just the amount of money raised for a project to calculate actual impact, taking into account factors like social media sharing and the amount of time given to the actual campaign.

Co-founder Simon Lockyer explains, “It makes the experience much more inspiring, holistic, and allows people to see all that they give.”

Everydayhero works by extracting data from several familiar sources such as Facebook, Twitter and other networks depending on the campaign. For example, MapMyFitness data could be culled for people who are doing a physical activity to raise their funds. The team are also collaborating with VolunteerMatch, which enables users and campaigners to log their volunteer hours which are then reflected in their total ‘footprint.’ This gives the users a push when campaigning gets hard, and an incentive to carry on going, or rather it introduces a healthy competitiveness, all amounting to the success of the campaign itself. Lockyer adds, “It’s about pulling data back into the user account, visibly representing that, and giving them a score–a visible impact, a visible image.”


Sources: Fastcoexist

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