Hacked Instagram Feed Morphs Into An Interactive Timeline When Sideways [Video]

Hacked Instagram Feed Morphs Into An Interactive Timeline When Sideways [Video]
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Celebrate Charlie Chaplin's 100th Anniversary with this Instagram time machine.

Ross Brooks
  • 6 february 2014

To celebrate Charlie Chaplin’s 100 years on film, the Toronto Silent Film Festival has partnered with Cossette once again to create an ingenious campaign that use their Instagram feed to fuse old and new. When placed sideways, the feed acts like a time machine to reveal a flowing, interactive timeline, complete with factoids and video clips.

Matthew Litzinger, Cossette’s Co-Chief Creative Officer said that “Instagram is a medium that references the past in a lot of ways. We wanted to see just how far we could go with this idea.” Instead of the typical clutter that many associate with Thumbnail Mode, you’re met with a smooth progression of time.


“Throughout his life Chaplin had a knack for doing things no one else had seen in film. It made sense to try and do the same with a medium as relevant to 2014”, said Litzinger. “We knew we had a strong platform in Instagram, and wanted to find a unique way for fans to engage with it.”

Last year the two collaborated to create Instagram silent film trailers. This year’s Toronto Silent Film Festival runs from April 3rd to April 8th.

Toronto Silent Film Festival

Images via YouTube, Flickr


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