Sound Maps Bring New Meaning To Everyday City Noise [Video]

Sound Maps Bring New Meaning To Everyday City Noise [Video]

App concept evolves the idea of collective audio experiences through sounds pinned to geographies.

Plus Aziz
  • 13 february 2014

Tagging need not be limited to text or images. At the forefront of multimedia, we’re finding bold entrepreneurs and artists attempting to capture and organize more ephemeral media such as sound. Pinning recorded sound to a particular geographies is one of the many tricks we’ve grown accustomed to playing with mobile devices; Sonictravlog is one such app concept. Users can geo-tag sounds recorded on an opportunity to play the sounds uploaded at that very same spot. The concept uses sound as a way to connect people through their collective audio experiences. While the app is not available for download at any app stores, the developer created this video to demonstrate how the app would work:

While unique in its own right, we have seen other initiatives that have taken creative approaches that at the intersection of sound and technology. For example, Soundwalk, a collective producing creative poetic audio guides to various cities. Soundwalk enables tourists and urban nomads to have an authentic tour and move at their own pace. Another great and more recent example is Digital Sanctuaries, which offers a history of NYC in soundscapes. What many of these apps seek to do is capture the ephemeral nature of sound and extend its life cycle, making it something that can be curated, shared, and layered over time.

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Sources: Jonathan Edwin LoProsthetic Knowledge, Digital Sanctuaries, Soundwalk


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