Faux Fashion Line Aims To Protect People Against An Overheating Planet [Pics]

Faux Fashion Line Aims To Protect People Against An Overheating Planet [Pics]
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Artist creates a line of clothing that alleviates stress on the body caused by climate change.

Serena Chu
  • 4 february 2014

Designer Catherine Sarah Young is one step ahead of the current fashion industry as she preps for a climate change apocalypse. Her collection Climate Change Couture features five garments, each of which imagines a specific environmental scenario that may have a direct impact on our health. Described as “haute fashion for a hotter planet,” the prototype clothing line marks an intersection of art and science by tying the two together through design.

It’s quite obvious that her fashion pieces do not fit with today’s market trends, as they were specifically designed out of context to demonstrate the amount of stress that would be caused by an increase in global temperature or changes in the environment.

ccc 1

The Apocalypse Evacuation Suit features an oxygen mask that filters scented air directly to the wearer’s lungs. The goal is to keep the wearer alert of the impending disaster.

On days when the conditions are unbearable, people can leave the house in The Bubble, a climate controlled personal chamber that comes with wireless communications and WiFi.

ccc 4

The Thermoreflector dress reduces heat discomfort for the wearer, and both versions of The Trash Dress use reclaimed materials as textiles. When flooding becomes a normal occurrence, The Aquatutu can be used as a floatation device that can be inflated repeatedly.

Though this line of clothing is not a ready-to-wear collection, it distinguishes the direction that many designers are looking to follow, especially as the rest of the world becomes more environmentally aware.

Background stories are paired with each article of clothing, which you can read about here.

Climate Change Couture

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