Community-Based Marketplace Adds A Layer Of Trust To Craigslist [Video]

Community-Based Marketplace Adds A Layer Of Trust To Craigslist [Video]

New site offers a buy and sell model without the dangers so many are often concerned about.

Lara Piras
  • 25 february 2014

Although many of the big players in the online marketplace realm such as Craigslist or Gumtree offer a somewhat fail-proof service, consumers worry about the transaction once the product has been bought. More often than not, users opt to meet up to exchange the product to eliminate shipping costs. However, the uncertainty about the quality of the goods and the safety issues of the meet-ups make it a less-than-perfect system.

Enter; an online marketplace where users can buy, sell and trade goods directly from their friends and followers via social media sites Facebook and Twitter and people in their neighborhood. The team describe themselves as ‘a friends based marketplace that facilitates easy and safe e-commerce. CEO Heigo Paartalu explains how he came up with the idea,

It all happened one day when my girlfriend had many items to sell and the only platforms for us to use were either Craigslist or eBay, with both of them we had an issue either about the privacy/trust or the fees and complex sites, which took a lot of time to figure out how to list or sell something.


Users simply sign up with Facebook, Twitter or via email and begin listing for free where the item will stay on the site for up to 30 days and here’s the best bit, you don’t even have to pay a percentage on items once they’re sold. This definitely makes it stand out from the rest.

The key selling point for this site is not only the fact that users incur no charges and make 100% profit, but the way in which the marketplace works. Users can use the zip code feature, which searches for items specifically by distance showing only people in your neighbourhood or in close proximity. Looky also only allows registered users to view other users’ profiles and regularly scans the site for prohibited products and malicious activity, all ensuring the site is as safe as possible and making it a space where people can feel comfortable exchanging products, while making a healthy profit.

Watch the video below to get an insight into how works:

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