Mesmerizing System Creates Infinite Designs Out Of Wooden Blocks [Video]

Mesmerizing System Creates Infinite Designs Out Of Wooden Blocks [Video]
Arts & Culture

Ghostcubes create complex shapes and designs at the slightest touch.

Daniela Walker
  • 28 february 2014

Ghostcubes are a series of interlocking wooden cubes that seem to magically come together and can be pulled apart to morph into an infinite number of shapes.

Designed by Swedish artist Erik Åberg, there is not much information on the system and Åberg seems to like it that way. In fact, he is selling the secret of his Ghostcubes on his website, through a 23 minute documentary where he explains his research and how he built the structure.  Presumably it is all based on a clever arrangement of hinges, but you’ll have to purchase the documentary on his website to know for sure.

For those who just want to see Åberg’s system in action, watch the video below. If you’re particularly impatient, skip forward to 1:26 and prepare (a) be amazed and (b) have your eyes cross for a moment:

Erik Åberg

Source: This is Colossal


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