Crowdsourced Platform Guides People Through Emotional Conversations

Crowdsourced Platform Guides People Through Emotional Conversations

Crowdpilot can help users get through difficult encounters by having others provide live feedback and advice.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 14 february 2014

It can be difficult to find the right words to say, whether you’re on a first date, having a tough conversation with a loved one, or even simple small chat with someone at work. If you’ve ever wanted someone to tell you what to do or say next, you’re in luck. Crowdpilot is the first app that lets you stream your conversation so you can receive live feedback from friends, strangers, or assistants.

Created by Lauren McCarthy and Perceptor, this app allows any user to stream a conversation so they can receive feedback as to what to say or how to act. The app allows you to choose a group of strangers, Facebook friends, or paid assistants to provide you with help. From there, you select the situation, provide a little background, and wait for the advice to roll in.


The app was first developed by McCarthy on the site Social Turkers, where she used her phone to record dates and experiment with getting feedback. The app itself is also a critique on the growing detachment in human contact by channeling conversations and experiences through devices:

On one hand, we’re questioning the direction we are heading with the development of augmented vision systems and networked mobile applications. How do we know when we’ve gone too far, when will realize we have become robots?

However, Crowdpilot is not meant to be purely critical — embedded in the app is an idea of a networked humanity, a hive mind, that uses its collective wisdom to improve people’s ability to interact and form relationships. We already ask the public to weigh in on everything we say and do on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Why not do it with our social interactions in person?

Most importantly, the piece is meant to question how we define our identities, and what freedoms might come from clinging to these ideas a little less tightly.


The app is not designed to be a discreet recording device and advises you let all parties involved know before turning the app on.  Crowdpilot is currently available for free in the Apple App Store.


Source, Images: Crowdpilot, Social Turkers

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