Startup Lets People Control And Monetize Their Personal Data

Startup Lets People Control And Monetize Their Personal Data

Earn up to $8 per month by selling your information on social media.

Serena Chu
  • 20 february 2014

Though it may be hard for some people to place a price tag on personal data, Datacoup has made a bold statement by offering customers a monthly incentive for anonymized access to their financial data and social media accounts.

Datacoup requests customers to sign over access to their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media accounts, as well as information on debit and credit card transactions. No identifying details are tied to collected consumer profiles, unless customers indicate otherwise.

People choose what data they want to sell and who they want to sell it to, with monthly earnings dependent on the total amount of data exchanged.

By taking control of what information gets sold to advertisers, people can have a direct hand in making a more efficient market, which according to Matt Hogan, Datacoup’s CEO, is the most logical way of coming about a trend that tends to take place without people’s permission anyways.


Source: Techlicious


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