Stylized Dollhouses Portray The Insides Of Iconic Film Sets [Pics]

Stylized Dollhouses Portray The Insides Of Iconic Film Sets [Pics]
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Popular movie scenes are recreated in two-dimensional elevations.

Serena Chu
  • 7 february 2014

In a series of cross-sectioned illustrations entitled Archiset, Federico Babina recreated scenes of popular movies like Star Wars and Breakfast At Tiffany’s as two-dimensional elevations.

Featuring 17 posters, the collection was created to evoke the same feeling one would get when looking inside of a doll house. Babina told Dezeen that he wanted to allow people “to enter and walk inside a movie,” seeing the set as a new form of expression.

Babina chose movies that offer distinctive set designs, and replicated key details that were symbolic to the plot of the films. These single-frame images are intricately detailed to reflect each movie set’s personality and style, marking a fusion of cinema and architecture.

Click through the photos below to see if your favorite movie was chosen for its uniqueness.


Source: Dezeen


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