Murder Scene Chalk Drawings Make Drone Activity Visible [Pics]

Murder Scene Chalk Drawings Make Drone Activity Visible [Pics]
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James Bridle's public installations help people become more aware of the world around them.

Serena Chu
  • 13 february 2014

James Bridle’s “Drone Shadows” art installation features a series of 1:1 representations of flying drones on ground below them. Since most people have no idea of the whereabouts of overhead drones, these large-scale outlines offer a good enough visual depiction of the inconspicuous aircraft.


These chalk drawings look like murder scene investigations, and have been popping up in densely-populated cities like Washington D.C., Brisbane and Istanbul. Bridle started this series back in 2012 in London, and has experimented with various aircraft outlines.


Through his public pieces, Bridle hopes that people can better understand the world around them, countering the lack of disclosure from the government about drone operations.

For people who want to create their own chalk drawings, Bridle put together a detailed Drone Shadow Handbook, which can be downloaded here.

Source: Fastcoexist



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