How Dyson Plans To Replace Human Workers With Household Robots

How Dyson Plans To Replace Human Workers With Household Robots

The company has committed £5m to domestic robotics development over the next five years.

Serena Chu
  • 10 february 2014

Dyson recently announced plans to invest £5m in a robotics lab at Imperial College, London, emphasizing on vision systems that will increase robots’ sensitivity to their environments. These robots will be able to better understand and adapt to their surroundings, and could increasingly help make human life easier.

The company said this will be a five-year investment, and is going to be under the guidance of Sir Jams Dyson, who has been working on robotics with Imperial’s Prof Andrew Davison since 2005.

Prof Davison said:

A truly intelligent domestic robot needs to complete complex everyday tasks while adapting to a constantly changing environment. We will research and develop systems that allow machines to both understand and perceive their surroundings – using vision to achieve it.

An additional £3m of match-funding from other sources will facilitate research for Dyson’s engineers and 15 other scientists. The research will cover both domestic robots and robotic vacuum cleaners.

Last month, Dyson announced a £250m investment to double the size of its research centre in Wiltshire, a move that is part of what seems to be the company’s largest expansion in its 20-year history.

Source, Image: BBC


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