Edible Masterpieces Help Support British Arts Institutions [Pics]

Edible Masterpieces Help Support British Arts Institutions [Pics]
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The latest fundraising effort by Art Fund encourages art enthusiasts to recreate masterpieces with food.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 24 february 2014

Edible Masterpieces, the new fundraising project by Art Fund, encourages art lovers to create food inspired by their favorite art works.

The national fundraising charity for art invites people to recreate famous works of art, Old Master paintings, or landmark buildings as cakes, biscuits, pies, or anything edible they can think of. The food art doesn’t even have to be something cooked. People can also create their edible masterpieces with uncooked food like fruits, vegetables, and cheese.

Art Fund also encourages art enthusiasts to try their recommended recipes, which include a Damien Hirst-inspired skull cake, a Pollock-inspired crispy cake, a Wedgwood-inspired shortbread, and more.

The funds raised by the initiative will support museums and galleries in the UK.


Read more about the project on Art Fund’s website.

View more images of the recommended recipes below.

Art Fund

Source: designboom

Images: Art Fund


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