Jewelry Line Hides App-Enabled Security System [Video]

Jewelry Line Hides App-Enabled Security System [Video]

Fashionable wearable technology lets users buzz other wearers when they are in danger.

Serena Chu
  • 20 february 2014

Companies are constantly trying to bridge the tech and fashion worlds, Cuff is a line of smart-technology accessories that, when pressed, can send alerts to a pre-determined circle when the wearer is in danger, or wants to make contact.

The entire system is powered by CuffLinc, a small black tracker that can be slotted into any Cuff accessory. With the accompanying app, these trackers can identify the exact whereabouts of the person who sent the alert.


Once an alert is sent, both the sender and receiver will feel a quick vibrate, and if someone is not wearing a Cuff, then the alert is automatically directed to the paired mobile device.

Currently, Cuff is only compatible with iOS devices, but the company has hopes to expand this security network to Android devices in the near future.


Cuff offers a wide range of wearable pieces, from bracelets to keychains. If you would like purchase a Cuff, the company is now taking pre-orders and shipments are set to go out this fall.

Check out the video below for more information.


Source: The Verge

Images: Cuff

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