Sound Installation Breathes Life Into Everyday Objects [Video]

Sound Installation Breathes Life Into Everyday Objects [Video]

Artist creates a beautifully abstract presentation from the most mundane contraptions.

Lara Piras
  • 14 february 2014

Bern-based Zimoun builds ‘architecturally-minded platforms of sound.’ His portfolio boasts exhibitions and collaborations with the likes of Art Basel and Bitforms gallery in New York who are dedicated to new media and contemporary art practice. His new project is causing quite a stir and quite rightly so.

The latest sound installation at the Orbital Garden in Switzerland sees artist Zimoun delicately put together and bring to life a sea of simple brown packing paper. The artwork contains 43 motors placed discreetly underneath to bring movement to the piece making it seem as though it’s breathing and has a life of its own. What’s exciting about this project is that we typically are able to see the devices that create the sound in Zimoun’s works, this piece only allows us to hear the effects which gives it an otherworldly, eerie effect.

Watch the video below:

Zimoun has also recently designed headphones from everyday objects such as cardboard, dc-motors and cotton balls. Both projects show how technology can so easily cross over into art and can be simply and easily made, bringing it closer to humans and ensuring it’s not as scary or difficult to create as many seem to think.

Images, Sources: Wired, Designboom



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