Heat-Sensitive Shipping Materials Double As DHL Ads [Video]

Heat-Sensitive Shipping Materials Double As DHL Ads [Video]

Germany advertising agency Jung von Matt/Neckar did some free marketing for DHL, pulling a prank on their behalf.

Daniela Walker
  • 24 february 2014

It seemed like worldwide shipping company DHL had pulled off an incredible advertising prank, by using other competitors shipping services and using heat sensitive ink to inscribe the words, ‘DHL is faster’ on the boxes. It turns out DHL had nothing to do with the trick, but they are certainly benefiting from the free publicity.

Well-known German ad agency Jung von Matt held an internal creative competition for its staff and the DHL prank was one result. To get around the fact that advertising campaigns can be expensive, Jung von Matt chose to use DHL’s competitors to do the heavy work. The agency created boxes that appeared black when cold — they were stored in walk-in freezers before being picked up — but then would slowly reveal the words ‘DHL is faster’ when they warmed in the carrier vans. Unsuspecting delivery men from competitors UPS, TNT and DPD all had to carry these awkwardly shaped boxes to particularly hard-to-reach locations, ensuring a lot of people saw the amusing message.

Deutsche Post DHL confirmed to Gizmodo that the company had nothing to with the prank:

It’s correct, that the video concerned was made as a result of an internal creative competition of the advertising agency Jung von Matt which is well known at least in Germany. We’ve known about the intention of JvM to position it on Youtube but it was their idea to use an example related to our industry and they haven’t made that on behalf of DHL. Nevertheless, we are not angry about it :-)

What may have started as a creative competition trick, ended up being rather good advertising for both DHL and Jung von Matt.

Watch the Trojan Mailing prank below:

Jung von Matt

Source: Gizmodo

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