Fake Medicine Boxes Serve As Creative Copywriter’s Resume [Pics]

Fake Medicine Boxes Serve As Creative Copywriter’s Resume [Pics]
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Freelance prescription for the creative's industry's "medical conditions."

Serena Chu
  • 19 february 2014

Copywriter Jon Ryder sees himself as the “effective relief from creative pain,” so that is why he decided to write up his own prescription and offer his services to improve the health of creative agencies.

Instead of passing along a standard resume, Ryder advertised his work experience and skills by designing boxes of fake medicine, each containing a detailed leaflet that explains how to take the contents and when to use it. With active ingredients being “creativity, originality and typing,” the Jon Ryder works by “increasing the flow of ideas through the system,” and promises to eradicate “stress that naturally occurs in agencies during busy times.” But just like any good medicine, there are side effects, and for the Jon Ryder, that means the effect lessen if an overdose occurs in a single day.

Having attracted the attention of several agencies on Twitter, Ryder has proven that out-of-the-box thinking is the best way to navigate the extremely difficult job market today.

Click through the photos below to see Ryder’s prescription, and click here to view the leaflet.

Jon Ryder

Source, Images: Design Taxi


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