Photography App Prints And Mails Phone Snaps For Free [Video]

Photography App Prints And Mails Phone Snaps For Free [Video]

The Flag app ships ad-supported photo prints to your door.

Jaymar Cabebe
  • 3 february 2014

If your mobile device’s photo gallery is where memorable moments typically go to rot, then perhaps the Flag photo-printing app is for you.

Currently in Kickstarter awaiting an influx of financial support, the Flag app offers an innovative way to get those photos off  your device and into the real world. Essentially, Flag prints and ships your photos directly to you, all for free.

On the back of each laser-cut print is an ad, which the company hopes won’t be a turn-off to most mobile photo enthusiasts, as it helps to subsidize the company.

Flag prints

If you’re okay with receiving ad-supported prints, then Flag lets you choose up to 20 of your photos a month to have printed and shipped directly to you. It even offers a few tools to finish your photos with things like contrast and color effects before you make your picks. And if you want to get fancy, you can add custom borders, messages, enlargements, and other options for an additional fee.

If Flag makes its Kickstarter goal, then expect the app to be available on iOS and to users in the United States at launch. For more info, or to support the project, be sure to check out the campaign page.

Sources: Flag, Gizmodo
Images: Flag, Kickstarter

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