Floating Sauna Offers City Dwellers Refuge From Urban Life [Pics]

Floating Sauna Offers City Dwellers Refuge From Urban Life [Pics]

goCstudio plan to create a luxurious experience right in the middle of Lake Washington.

Ross Brooks
  • 17 february 2014

It’s important to get out of the city once in a while for the sake of your sanity, which is why spa breaks and other relaxation activities are so popular these days. In an interesting twist on the idea of an urban escape, architecture firm goCstudio plans to launch a floating sauna later this year on Lake Washington, Seattle.

The miniature resort will rest on twenty-eight 55 gallon flotation barrels held in position by an aluminum frame. In addition to the 8 x 8 foot sauna, there will be an outdoor platform area for visitors to enjoy the fresh air and views of the lake. For those who want to go for a swim, there is a diving board on the fenced roof-deck which can be accessed from an external ladder.


Inspired when the company designed the Spirit Pavilion for a competition focused on the re-use of Seattle’s SR-520 floating bridge, goCstudio still needs to raise $15,000 via a soon-to-be-launched Kickstarter campaign for the project to go ahead. If successful, Aimée O’Carroll, co-founder and architect at goCstudio, along with business partner Jon Gentry, plan to build the sauna themselves with the help of friends and contributors.

This unique sauna concept will probably be classified as a boat, and have to drop anchor at various point throughout the day, at which point it can be accessed from the shore using kayaks. It would also mean the sights and sounds you get to experience while in the sauna are in constant motion around you.

Source: Gizmag

Images: goCstudio

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