Futuristic Eco-Lodges Blend In With The Trees [Pics]

Futuristic Eco-Lodges Blend In With The Trees [Pics]

Super-sustainable structures could redefine the way we look at urban sprawl.

Ross Brooks
  • 14 february 2014

Most suburban areas probably started out as lush landscapes, but thanks to the current approach to urban development, didn’t hold on to that image for long. In an effort to create a more symbiotic relationship, Konrad Wójcik has designed some super-sustainable tree-shaped houses that could be constructed within biking distance from your nearest city.

In the same way that trees support their surroundings, Wójcik wanted to create a house that was an asset to its environment, not a liability. One side of the pine-shaped house is covered in solar panels, while a heat pump draws in energy from the ground, and a bio-digester recycles waste produce to create a full circle.

Looking at humans and their frequent lack of respect towards the natural environment, as an architect, I wanted to create something fresh, something that could provide not only shelter but also all necessary needs of present-day society.

No cement or steel was used to build the house, which relies instead on a lightweight wooden frame that’s strong enough to support four floors. Designed to accommodate four people comfortably, the house isn’t just a getaway option, but a real alternative to the suburban homes that exist today.


The distance between each house would make them invisible to each other, and as long as there is a nearby road with public transportation, would provide easy access to the city. While Wójcik already has interest from buyers around the world, the next challenge is to try and fit all of the sustainable technology into such a small package. If successful, it could begin a new phase of suburban development that doesn’t involve levelling huge swathes of land.

Source: FastCoExist

Images: Konrad Wójcik

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