Mischievous Goat Simulator Takes The Internet By Storm [Video]

Mischievous Goat Simulator Takes The Internet By Storm [Video]

Starting out as a silly side project, Coffee Stain Studios’ goat video game is the newest viral hit.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 13 february 2014

Let this be a lesson to everyone trying to “go viral”: there is no rhyme or reason. The harder you try, the more likely you are to fail. Do the opposite – don’t try.

After spending four hard years developing Sanctum 2, an intense science fiction video game, Coffee Stain Studios began a humorous side project to “blow off steam” according to developer Armin Ibrisagic.

When I proposed this to the team, it was by far the stupidest pitch we had. Everyone was like: ‘Get out of here! Goats, are you kidding me?’

The Goat Simulator, which is not yet available to be played but was leaked in a short preview video, allows players to take on the role of a goat doing goat-things – eating grass and knocking things over; and the Internet is entranced.

“The Goat Simulator is more popular than any other game we’ve made,” says Ibrisagic. “It’s not even done yet.”

Goat 1

In just the past week, the preview video for The Goat Simulator has received over two million views. Coffee Stain Studios’ Sweden office has received a flood of gifts and attention, and Twitter followers are flocking by the hundreds.

The video preview shows a goat gallivanting around town, knocking stuff over and getting knocked down. The rules are quite simple: eating grass earns you one point, and making mischief, a la knocking something over, earns you 1,000 points. Players are also able to drag stuff with their tongues and play Chicken with cars. (Spoiler: the goat doesn’t win.)

The game is still in rough draft format, but not everyone is impressed. Coffee Stain Studios has already been contacted by an irate farmer who doesn’t like the violence directed at the goat, which is repeatedly struck by cars and dropped off buildings. While the goat always pops right back up, they may soon have PETA coming after them.

goat simulator

Besides, the goat’s resilience is inspirational according to Ibrisagic. “No matter what happens, you pick yourself up and start over.”

As for how it went viral? Ibrisagic is no more in the know than anyone else. “All animals are goats,” he says. “Horses are goats with longer legs. Bears are goats with fur.”

When it comes to viral gold, it appears goats may be the new cats. Check out the preview below.

Coffee Stain Studios

Sources: Modern Farmer

Images: Coffee Stain Studios

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