Google Street View GIFs Document New York’s Gentrification

Google Street View GIFs Document New York’s Gentrification

Artist shows how much change has happened in the time Mayor Bloomberg was in office.

Ross Brooks
  • 19 february 2014

As part of a web-based project that fuses art and politics called Envision NY 2017, Justin Blinder, an artist, programmer, and designer based in Brooklyn, has used Google Street View to demonstrate how much change has actually happened across the city while under the influence of Michael Bloomberg. His work is presented in the form of GIFs, which provide a before and after look at different areas at different times, and leave it up to viewers to decide whether gentrification has happened or not.

Blinder wants to combine two different aspects considered part of the Bloomberg administration; the increased availability of public data related to NYC, and the accelerated gentrification that many believe was a part of his vision for the city. Using the city’s recently released PLUTO dataset of property parcels, the artist was able to search for developments that are only a few years old, and then do the same in Street View.


The result is a series of animations that depict just how much certain areas of the city have changed, even if it may not be all that apparent to people living in that particular location. “You’ll realize that they were taken at two completely different times,” says Blinder, “and sometimes the delta between those times is so great that it actually spans the development of an entire building.”


Source: The Atlantic Cities

Images: Justin Blinder


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