Google Street View Offers A Glimpse Into The Largest Polar Bear Community [Video]

Google Street View Offers A Glimpse Into The Largest Polar Bear Community [Video]

The company partnered with Polar Bears International to get a glimpse of the animals in their natural habitat.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 february 2014

To celebrate International Polar Bear DayGoogle and Polar Bears International (PBI) released amazing images of the polar bears in their natural habitat.

Google partnered with PBI to send Street View to Churchill, Manitoba, also known as the “polar bear capital of the world” or home to one of the largest populations of polar bears, and capture images of the fascinating animals in the wild.

With the help of expert-guided adventures company Frontiers North, Google attached its Street View Trekker to a specially-designed vehicle called the Tundra Buggy, which traveled across the landscape to capture images of the polar bears, without interfering with them or with other animals and species in the area.


Through October and November of last year, the team gathered Street View images of the animals as they went about their lives – hunting for food, caring for their young, and just wandering along the Hudson Bay. These set of images can be viewed on this link.

Aside from capturing images of polar bears in the wild, the initiative is also helping PBI record imagery and vital information associated with the effects of global warming to the habitat of these animals. PBI also uses the Google Maps API to support their Bear Tracker, which uses an interactive Google map and satellite monitors to track polar bear migration.

The project not only allows anyone to learn more about the polar bears from wherever they are in the world, but also helps raise awareness and gain a better understanding of the effects of global warming to these animals.


Watch the video below for more information about the project and the work that Polar Bears International does.

Google Official Blog

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