Gunpowder Ink Creates Exploding Paper Poster Ads [Video]

Gunpowder Ink Creates Exploding Paper Poster Ads [Video]
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Trapped in Suburbia created interactive art that packs a punch.

Serena Chu
  • 25 february 2014

Dutch designers Trapped in Suburbia began a series of experiments that looked at the intersection of digital and analog techniques, which has finally come full circle with an installation that incorporates key elements from their previous demonstrations.


The Sound Poster 3.0 will set off an explosion whenever a passerby presses a specific point on the paper flyer. It uses gunpowder ink and a capacitive touch sensor to go about its explosive nature, adding a bit of tactile excitement into traditional art.

See how the designers ended the series with a bang below.

The artistic duo began the series with a touch sensitive poster that can be played like an instrument, take a look below.

Trapped in Suburbia



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