Furniture Collection Created From Hacked IKEA Products

Furniture Collection Created From Hacked IKEA Products
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Design firm Teste Di Legno throw away the instructions and 'enrich' standard IKEA pieces.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 3 february 2014

Italian design firm Teste Di Legno needed furniture to outfit their new office. They headed to IKEA without much of a plan and bought a bunch of furniture. Back at their office, mini allen wrenches in hand, they set about the task of assembling the items. But after completing the first piece, they decided it might be interesting to throw away the instructions and see what happened.

We were about to assemble the next when we had the idea of “enriching” the first piece of furniture with some parts of the second, thus inventing a third one.

They continued to rummage through all the parts, using some that were intended to be hidden as visible decorative or functional adaptations. They experimented with combining unrelated items and customizing pieces to fit a new use. They arrived at for pieces called the ‘Lato B’ collection. It is some of the most beautiful IKEA hacking done to date. They’ve even included a list of all the IKEA products used for each piece on their site.


A cupboard is a cupboard is a cupboard. It changes the starting point but not the ending point. The starting point is the union of several pieces of furniture, which originally were designed to be what they have always been (for example: night stand, lamp, filing cabinet). The ending point is a multi-image and multi-function piece of furniture. Combine, creatively. Therefore, freely.


A bookcase is a bookcase is a bookcase. We could also say that “by inverting the order of the elements, the product does not change”. The elements are the shelf brackets; the product is a bookcase composed of shelves. The difference compared to a normal bookcase is that the coloured squares are mounted in alternating positions, so that they do not “tie” the bookcase to a wall (one A side and one B side to move around).


A lamp is a lamp is a lamp. Creativity – as we know – is also a point of view. Does our way of looking or observing things, change the very nature of things? It is possible. We will never give water to a lamp in this way, we will never turn on a plant in this way, however we like to give shape to imagination. It can be possible; just do it.


A kitchen is a kitchen is a kitchen. A patchwork of furniture in various sizes and with different functions which transforms into a simple, light and balanced environment. There is no need for anything else (except for the household appliances, obviously). Everything is close at hand. Everything is in its place. Everything can be transformed. There’s even a hanging “mini vegetable gardens” for herbs.

Source: DesignTaxi, Dornob


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