Haptic Tech Lets Viewers Touch And Listen To Paintings

Haptic Tech Lets Viewers Touch And Listen To Paintings
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Red Gallery in Shoreditch, London is featuring haptic technology, allowing visitors to virtually 'feel' and 'hear' the paintings on disply.

Kristen Nozell
  • 6 february 2014

‘Into the Frame’ is a project by researchers at Middlesex University on display at the Red Gallery in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood. The futuristic installation allows viewers (or rather, experiencers) of a painting to immerse themselves in the work through touch and sound, extending past the typical purely visual experience.

Creative Directors in Residence at the University, Florian Dussopt and Nick Phillips, collaborated with the School of Science and Technology as well as sound specialist Dave Hunt and artist Paul West to create the unique installation. As visitors hold onto and move the pen-shaped device, the textures in the painting are mimicked through the amount of resistance given. A 3D sound installation surrounding the visitor simultaneously relays the sounds present in the painting, such as splashing when the user ‘touches’ the water.

The technology could potentially be used for neuro-rehabilitation in the future, specifically with spatial processing. The exhibit is on display at Red Gallery until February 5th. See it in action in the clip below:

Source, Images: Digital Arts

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