Building’s Pulsing Facade Raises Awareness Of Homelessness [Video]

Building’s Pulsing Facade Raises Awareness Of Homelessness [Video]
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Ryerson Image Centre will display the temperature and wind direction in order to raise awareness for the urban homeless.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 6 february 2014

Poverty is one of the biggest issues facing the United States today, with winter being the most dangerous time for those without shelter. The homeless seek warmth in subway cars, on top of grates, or bundled under torn and tattered blankets. In our own frigid commutes home, it’s hard to remember that some people might not survive the night. Enter In The Air Tonight, an architecture installation that physically represents the cold.

Set to premiere on the Ryerson Image Centre in Toronto, Canada, this LED display will show passersby how cold it is and the direction of the wind, as a reminder of the conditions the homeless will have to survive through. The display will also pulse with red whenever someone on Twitter uses the hashtag #homelessness, which will also be displayed on the project’s website. The project was put together by artists Dave Colangelo and Patricio Davila and programmers Robert Tu and Maggie Chan.

The goal of the project to raise awareness in real life as well as on Twitter for the plight of not only Toronto’s homeless population but if all those without shelter who don’t know if they will survive this extreme weather. The display will run every night from February 5th throughout March 5th.

In The Air Tonight

Source, Images: Dave Colangelo


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