HTC Project Donates Unused Processor Power To Scientific Research

HTC Project Donates Unused Processor Power To Scientific Research

Chained cell phones have the quivalent amount of power as a supercomputer.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 february 2014

Scientific research requires a lot of brain power, but is also requires a lot of computer processing power. As part of a joint effort with the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC), HTC wants to turn its network of mobile phones into the equivalent of a supercomputer. The combined power of these spare computing cycles would be enough to solve complex problems related to AIDS and Alzheimer’s Disease.

The company will tap into these spare computing cycles through an app in the Google Play store that will initially be available to download on HTC One and HTC Butterfly phones. Instead of devoting every spare moment to the latest level on Candy Crush, or trying to find a new game to pass the time, you could donate your phone’s resources to a worthwhile cause and bask in the glow of doing some good in the world.


To make sure your phone’s resources go to the cause you deem most worthy, it’s also possible to select a specific research program within the app. Not only that, but the HTC Power To Give app will only run while the phone is charging and connected to a WiFi network, which will prevent any rundown battery issues.

After a six-month trial period, the company says they are likely to expand the app to other models of Android phone, which would mean an even larger network of computing power to draw on. As explained by Cher Wang, HTC’s Chairwoman: “We want to make it possible for anyone to dedicate their unused smartphone processing power to contribute to projects that have the potential to change the world.”

Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

Source: The Verge

Images: John Karakatsanis,  Google Play

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