Car-Tracking Device Transforms Vehicles Into Traveling iBeacons

Car-Tracking Device Transforms Vehicles Into Traveling iBeacons

Automatic's smart driving assistant gets an upgrade that could mean more innovative apps.

Ross Brooks
  • 3 february 2014

Automatic is a smart driving assistant which combines a small piece of hardware with mobile applications to enhance your car’s performance. Thanks to a recent update, the device can now interact with Apple’s iBeacon, a move which could mean remote payments, car location tracking, and other interesting automotive-based apps that utilize the two systems.

The driving assistant can already pair with your iPhone to access the GPS module and wireless data network to offer a detailed breakdown of each car ride. It picks up on repetitive habits such as braking too hard, which it can then use to make recommendations about to become a more efficient driver.


With the addition of iBeacon, the platform would be able to offer automatic toll or gas payments, along with other functionality that relies on geo-fencing. Many of the applications are so far only theoretical, but the company is interested to see how far they can take things.

Some automotive companies offer similar built-in features, but they are often few and far between, which makes Automatic a cost-effective way to improve your overall driving efficiency. With no major partnerships penned just yet, the company still has a lot of potential for growth, provided it can find the right people to support its ambitions.

Source: TechCrunch, AppleInsider

Images: AutomaticBen Kobulnicky

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