Platform Auction Off Clever Inventions And Ideas [Video]

Platform Auction Off Clever Inventions And Ideas [Video]

Innovations can now be transformed into reality with this new project.

Lara Piras
  • 21 february 2014

Described as “an ebay for ideas,” Bideas is a matchmaking site for companies and inventors, helping turn everyday “Eureka!” moments into realities. The private site helps fund peoples’ ideas of anything from a movie plot to a timesaving product or even a major scientific breakthrough.

Currently seeking funding via, the site aims to connect innovators to larger organizations that may well want to bid on the idea. Founder Chris Simpson, a successful inventor and entrepreneur himself describes the concept on the campaign page as, ‘online dating that happily marries innovators to companies.’

The site works by auctioning off the business plan via the site or app at an ‘online bid-and-auction marketplace,’ where the idea is explained in full and most importantly, the bidding starts. Companies must sign Bideas’ unique confidentiality contract before taking part to ensure the pitchers aren’t exploited in any way. The steps are simple; the idea is uploaded into the appropriate sector, the charge ranges form $10 – $95 depending on the sector chosen, the forms are signed, a panel of hand-picked industry experts then rate the idea, (giving it non-financial backing), and then the idea is sent to the inboxes of potential investors who are carefully selected depending on the sector chosen.

Watch the video to find out more:

Images, Sources: Indiegogo, Bideas


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