New Song Emerges When Both Sides Of Vinyl Are Played Together [Video]

New Song Emerges When Both Sides Of Vinyl Are Played Together [Video]
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Experimental project reveals new ways to compose, market and encode music.

Lara Piras
  • 4 february 2014

Award-winning artist Neal Calvin Peterson, the former bass player for Curious Yello, has released Infinite Religions, a completely unique and original way to promote his first debut album since Yello split.

The first part of the album is called Duality and it consists of two songs that are split onto both sides of a vinyl record. When the tracks are played at the same time, they merge to form a third song. The project is a perfect example of how musicians need to think outside the box when it comes to promotional techniques as the Internet has allowed streaming services to completely de-emphasize this part of the process.

Neal explains on his website, “‘Infinite Religions’ is a series of experimental albums seeking new answers for old questions Composed of two songs ‘Life’ and ‘Death’ Duality explores the cycle of our existence. When played in exact synchronicity, ‘Life’ and ‘Death’ manifest a third song called ‘Duality’.”

Only 99 copies of the album were made. Listen to the final piece in the video below:




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