Painting Grows New Leaves As People Pass By [Video]

Painting Grows New Leaves As People Pass By [Video]
Arts & Culture

Artist manipulates light and physical materials to perceive depth and subtleties of color.

Serena Chu
  • 3 february 2014

Designed by Camille Utterback, Flourish is a 70-foot-long interactive painting that comes to life in response to human movement, thanks to motion-tracking cameras. This unique piece of art projects digital images and textures onto multiple layers of custom glazed and sandblasted glass, and depending where viewers’ stand, their presence will trigger the growing and falling of leaves.


Flourish consists of seven 5 by 8 foot glass panels, three of which are interactive. The multi-colored glass panels are double-layered, which provide visual depth for the projections. Because the glass panels vary in translucence, projected elements reflect off of the surface in different ways, creating a complex layer of light. To enhance the undertones of the artwork, Utterback created shadows by shining white light on sandblasted areas. Slanted Studios ensured the custom ink footage matched the organic feel of the paint and glass.


This project was specially created for Liberty Mutuals’ headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. You can see how the site-specific artwork lights up the walkway below.


Source: Slanted



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