House With Interior Windows Gives Basement Dwellers A View Of The Sky [Pics]

House With Interior Windows Gives Basement Dwellers A View Of The Sky [Pics]
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The Vertical Glass House by Atelier FCJZ has glass floors and walls.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 4 february 2014

The Vertical Glass House, designed by Yung Ho Chang of Atelier FCJZ, has glass interior walls and floors — allowing people to look up from the lowest floor to the sky.

The windowless house is four stories high and has cement exterior walls. At the center of the building is a steel column. Horizontal supports crisscross through the building to divide the floors into quarters that serve as spaces for various activities. The walls were cast in wooden formwork that is rough on the outside part and smooth on the interior.  A steel spiral staircase on one corner takes guests down to the basement.

The project was originally designed for the Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition as a prototype for urban housing in 1991. It brought Chang an Honorable Mention award at the competition. Atelier FCJZ was able to create the project years later as part of the West Bund Biennale of Architecture and Contemporary Art in 2013.

The building is currently a guest house operated by the West Bund Biennale for visiting artists and architects. The house also serves as an architectural exhibition.

Atelier FCJZ

Source, Images: Dezeen


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