Face-Swapping Project Lets People Time Travel Via iPads [Video]

Face-Swapping Project Lets People Time Travel Via iPads [Video]

An art project created by Katsuki Nogami snaps photos of human faces and places them on tablet screens to embody those people temporarily.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 7 february 2014

The Yamada Taro Project created by Katsuki Nogami is an art project that was done in Tokyo and Berlin and replaces human faces with iPad screens.

The project entailed capturing photos of the faces of passersby and placing those photos on the tablet screens that act as heads. The different captured faces are shared across the two cities in real time.

According to the project description, the name of the project is a common and traditional Japanese name, and represents anonymity.

The project explores anonymity, especially on the internet, and the performers go around looking for a face and “receive” many different faces via the images captured on the iPad screens — allowing them to take on the persona of different people and making them “anonymous” in that sense.


Check out a video of the art project below.

Katsuki Nogami

Source, Images: Prosthetic Knowledge

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