A new platform can help people see more clearly up to 20 feet in front of them.

It's all too easy to blame bad eyesight on genetics or some other factor that you have no control over, but the truth is that there is now a way to improve your eyesight. UltimEyes is an app that was designed by neuroscientists which teaches your brain how to make better use of your eyes. It was originally designed to help baseball players see better, but is available to use for anyone who has an interest in superhuman sight.

Researchers originally recruited 19 players from the University of California, Riverside baseball team to use the app for 30 25-minute intervals. Afterwards, players were able to see farther by an average of 31 percent, while nine of them even managed to attain vision of 20/7.5 – which means they can see clearly at 20 feet what normal people could only see at 7.5 feet.

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