One cinematographer uses images and words to share a story about perseverance.

Daniel Sax is a German based artist and the creative eye behind “The Gap,” an inspirational video that voices a very powerful message of perseverance. Connecting to Ira Glass' iconic quote about the creative process, Sax created this typographical visual accompaniment to motivate aspiring artists and writers to fight through the struggle, because the end result is worth it.

Creative works that we have come to admire are actually products of years of hard work and dedication, but many people forget that. Young artists overlook the fact that there is an unavoidable “gap” between the beginning stages and the expert level, which is a necessary time for technique development. With a voice over by Glass, this video reminds people that it is normal for the first couple of years to not meet expectations, and that the “gap” will decrease as long as people are willing to commit to their passions, or “tastes.”

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