Knitted Scarf Turned Into Digital Flip Book [Video]


Artist Sam Meech creates video animations by capturing individual frames of moving knitted pieces.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 27 february 2014

That itchy neckwear your grandmother made for you is finally being brought into the 21st century.

British artist Sam Meech is experimenting with video – and yarn – to transform knitting into a digital medium. Using one continuous piece of knitting, Meech develops animations that flow in flip-book motion from frame to frame to create a single reel.

Meech, who usually only works with video, began exploring the similarities of film and knitting after taking on a project that involved him with a knitting group in North Manchester. According to his site, Knitting Digital, Meech was

struck by the parallels between punchcards and film reels, stitches and pixels, and began to relate to it in terms of digital imaging as much as textiles. Further to this, I was introduced to examples of other artists who had hacked electronic knitting machines and developed software tools in order to send them digital images.

As he continues to experiment with knitting and its transformation into a digital form, Meech plans to create tutorials for different techniques and develop a proven approach to knitted animations.

Meech’s work “Knitted Horse Firework Animation,” using Muybridge’s Horse in Motion, is captured below.

Sources: Knitting Digital, Sam Meech

Images: Knitting Digital


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