TV Commercials Recreated Using Only LEGO [Video]

TV Commercials Recreated Using Only LEGO [Video]

Upcoming movie promoted with ads you would actually want to watch.

Ross Brooks
  • 10 february 2014

In an effort to promote the upcoming LEGO movie, the TV channel ITV ran a commercial break featuring ads that are depicted entirely with the colorful building blocks. Aired during an episode of Dancing on Ice, there were slots for Premier Inn, BT, and, interspersed with characters from the new movie of course.

The LEGO versions of the ads were created by ITN Productions and Bricksports, a company that has carved a niche for itself creating LEGO versions of major sporting and other events. The overall idea was dreamt up by PHD alongside Warner Bros, and in partnership with ITV and its sister content agency Drum.

It’s one of those rare times when you actually enjoy watching the advertisements, instead of counting every agonizing second before you can get back to your favorite TV show. The LEGO-themed ads have no doubt done their job to promote the upcoming movie, which now has to prove whether or not it’s worth watching all by itself.

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